Video Editing: Talking Heads

Software you could use: Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro


Earners will film and edit a high-quality instructional video or personal vlog.

Badge Criteria:

  • Create a 3-5 min video that features someone talking to the camera (e.g. personal vlog, instructional video, interview)
  • Combine at least 2 or more clips in your final product (e.g. A & B Roll, Multiple Interviews, Multiple Vlog Locations, etc.)
  • Use the following tools:
    • Clip Cutting/Trimming/Editing Tools
    • Frame Rate Editing Tools (Speed Up or Slow Down)
    • Audio Editing Tools
    • Color Correction/Grading Tools
    • Graphic/Text Tools
  • Take a screenshot of your workspace just before exporting
  • Export video as .mp4 or .mov (H.264) file
  • Write a short reflection describing your creative process. List the program(s) and specific tools used.

What to Submit:

Create a shared folder in Google Drive or Box with the following items:

  • Final Video File
  • Screenshot of workspace
  • Written reflection describing your creative process for this project, which should include a list of program(s) and the specific tools used in said program. 

You are welcome to create any project that meets the badge requirements. However, we have come up with some possible scenarios to get you started if you need them:

  • Do you know the best way to do something!? Show the world how to get homework done faster, prank their little brothers or bathe their cats.
  • Vacation Vlog: Road trip! Edit your favorite scenes and clips into a short vlog you can show off to your friends and family.