Vector Illustration: Layout Design Project

Software you could use: Illustrator, Gravit, Inkscape, Affinity Designer, VectorStyler, Vectornator


Badge earners will complete a layout design project using vector illustration software.

Badge Criteria:

  • Prepare your project appropriately by planning and sketching out your layout design project
  • Use at least 2 different shape tools
    • Create shapes
    • Resize/rotate/move shapes
    • Merge shapes
  • Create a color swatch group for your project
  • Change the fill/stroke of objects
  • Place and modify text
    • Use at least 2 different fonts
    • Add an effect to text
  • Create and utilize multiple artboards
  • Incorporate correct design principles
  • Take a screenshot of your workspace in the software program
  • Export as a JPEG, PNG, or PDF
  • Write a short reflection describing your creative process. List the program(s) and specific tools used.

What to Submit:

Create a shared folder in Google Drive or Box with the following items:

  • Final JPEG, PNG, or PDF
  • Screenshot of workspace (during creation). 
  • Written reflection describing your creative process for this project, list program(s) used as well as specific tools used in said program.

You are welcome to create any project that meets the badge requirements. However, we have come up with some possible scenarios to get you started if you need them:

  • You are creating a poster for a band concert
  • You are creating an infographic about your major
  • You are creating a flyer for an event you are hosting
  • You are creating a stylized map of your hometown