Spreadsheets: Side Job

Software you could use: Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers


Badge earners will create three spreadsheets to help with a side job. 

Badge Criteria:

  1. State which software you used (Excel, google sheets, etc.)
  2. Choose to create three of five possible sheets:
    1. A project/task management sheet recording projects to be completed, and time committed to each task
    2. A sheet showing useful charts created to assist in project management, e.g. Gantt Chart or other charts such as those listed here: https://www.proofhub.com/articles/project-management-charts)
    3. An invoice that carries over the billable time from the task management sheet and calculates a bill for a potential client.
    4. A sheet for managing/tracking supplies and expenses
    5. A sheet for managing appointments and scheduling
  3. Explain what skills or tools you used to create the project. They must include
    1. Custom and conditional formatting
    2. Data validation
    3. Automatic formulas
    4. (Optional) macros

Resources Available:

What to Submit:

Create a shared folder in Google Drive or Box with the following items:

  • Final .xlsx file
  • Screenshot of workspace (during creation). 
  • Written reflection describing the process, skills, and tools used to create this project.

You are welcome to create any project that meets the badge requirements. However, we have come up with some possible scenarios to get you started if you need them:

  • You have started a snow cone business
  • You are growing your cleaning company
  • You want to start a clothing company
  • You want to start a lawn care company