Spreadsheets: Budgeting

Software you will use: Excel, Google Sheets


Badge earners will create a budget using a spreadsheet software program.

Badge Criteria:

  • Create a budget able to:
    • Track expenses by category
    • Track inputs and resources
    • Automatically calculate charitable donations and savings to be extracted from an account.
  • Create at least two different figures/charts to help you understand your account balances. These charts should pull from the data and automatically update as more data is entered
  • Explain what skills or tools you used to create the project such as formulas, filtering/sorting, data validation, and viewing options (such as freezing panes)

Resources Available:

What to Submit:

Create a shared folder in Google Drive or Box with the following items:

  • Final .xlsx file
  • Screenshot of workspace (during creation). 
  • Written reflection describing the process, skills, and tools used to create this project.

You are welcome to create any project that meets the badge requirements. However, we have come up with some possible scenarios to get you started if you need them:

  • You found an amazing internship opportunity for next year, but it pays very little. You will need to budget your income and expenses to prepare.
  • You want to track your spending better because you recently bought a new car and want to build up your savings again.