Desktop Publishing: Print Design

Software you could use: InDesign, LucidPress, Microsoft Publisher, Affinity Publisher, Canva, Scribus, QuarkXPress 


Badge earners will create a print layout spread using desktop publishing software. 

Badge Criteria:

  • Prepare for your project by sketching out your design beforehand
  • Set up an appropriately sized document as a spread
  • Place text
    • Resize text
    • Choose appropriate fonts
    • Use styles to separate headings and body text
    • Format body text into columns
  • Place images
    • Use text wrap to prevent text and images overlapping
    • Use layers to separate background, text, and images
  • Take a screenshot of your workspace in the software program (including the layers panel)
  • Export as a spread to PDF
    • When viewed, pages should be side by side (if more than one page)
  • Write a short reflection describing your creative process. List the program(s) and specific tools used.

Resources Available:

What to Submit:

Create a shared folder in Google Drive or Box with the following items:

  • Final PDF
  • Screenshot of workspace (during editing). Make sure screenshot includes how you used layers in your project (layers panel, etc.)
  • Written reflection describing your creative process for this project, list program(s) used as well as specific tools used in said program.

See an example here

You are welcome to create any project that meets the badge requirements. However, we have come up with some possible scenarios to get you started if you need them:

  • You are creating a brochure for your favorite charity to hand out
  • You are creating a magazine spread that describes a story from your life
  • You are making a booklet about an artist you admire and are including examples of their work
  • You are designing a zine about something you’re passionate about