Desktop Publishing: Set of Branding/Marketing Items

Your Baby Yoda puppets had a huge response at the local craft fair! The side business is really starting to take off and it’s time to make it official. Develop a small branding/marketing pack.*

*Can be for any brand.

Badge Criteria:

  1. Create an branding/marketing set including three of the following elements (another element may be substituted if appropriate)
    1. A two-page email/newsletter template
    2. A three-slide social media slide deck
    3. Letterhead/stationery
    4. Business card
  2. State which software you used
  3. State how much time you spent creating the project
  4. Describe how you used master pages, pages, text, graphics, fonts/colors, and shape/line
  5. Export the project.
  6. Reflect on the project.

To apply for this badge, fill out this online application form.