Badge about Badges

Badge Criteria:

  • Know what Software Training badges are by reading the information below
  • Understand what metadata is contained in badges by reading the information below
  • Complete the activity to find badge metadata from a badge using the linked resume
  • Apply for this badge at this link, using two screenshots, one of badge criteria and one of badge evidence


  • What are Software Training badges?
    • Open badges (Using the OBI Standard)
      • Digital micro-credentials focusing on a discrete (specific) skill
        • For example, photo editing, video editing, or graphic design
      • Badges are primarily a method for recognizing learning
    • Each badge is a digital image embedded with metadata (see below)
    • They allow people to digitally verify that the badge was earned by a particular recipient and gain insight into the actual skills held by the earner
  • What do open badges look like?
    • Open badges can look like anything. Here are a few examples of open badge graphics from a few different institutions.

Leadership Excellence

  • Metadata
    • Badges are embedded with metadata- it’s always a part of the badge image file
    • Metadata is viewed digitally, through following a link attached to text or an image, or by uploading to a badge verification site
    • Metadata always includes a unique id, recipient information, issuer information, badge name, description, criteria, image and date issued
    • Metadata for Software Training badges always includes evidence of the project done to earn the badge


  • As evidence for this badge, you will view a resume with a Software Training badge. Your task will be to navigate to the metadata for the badge.
  • You will then take screenshots of:
    • the criteria used for the badge
    • the attached evidence used to earn the badge

Link to Resume

Apply for the Badge

Follow this link to the form

Upload screenshots and fill out the form