Audio Editing: Audiobook Sample

Join the audiobook boom! 

Record and edit yourself reading part of an audiobook, or a few short works such as poems, short stories, essays or children’s stories. Consider submitting your recording to a free audiobook service such as Librivox (look at requirements first) or making it publicly available (Public Domain works) on your own site. Do you have nieces or nephews who would love to listen to you reading some audio children’s stories? That’s also a possibility. 

Your recording needs to be at least 10 minutes long.

Badge Criteria:

  1. Record a track using a microphone.
  2. Import Track: Import at least 2 audio tracks (MP3, WAV, FLAC files, etc.) into the project.
  3. Trim: trim at least one audio tracks down so that only a portion of the original track will be included in the final audio file. Take screenshots of this track before and after trimming.
  4. Volume: adjust the volume level of each tracks so that no undesired leaps in the volume level occur between tracks.
  5. Fade In/Out: fade at least one tracks in or out.
  6. Export: export the project. Upload the track to Google Drive or another cloud-based service and ensure that anyone with the link can view/download the file.
  7. Professionalism: be sure to make the track both useful and professional. This can be done by taking time to thoroughly script spoken sections, making preparations for high recording quality, and through careful choice of the audio tracks included etc.
  8. Reflect: applicants will reflect on the project. What software did they use? Approximately how much time did it take to finish this project? They will describe how the project was created, features used and why. Applicants will explain how the project represents high quality, professional work

To apply for this badge, fill out this online application form.